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Wintergem Boxwood

Wintergem boxwood is a popular evergreen shrub used frequently for small boxwood hedges. This hardy plant has tiny green leaves, which also makes it useful as bonsai and topiary specimens.

When left to grow naturally, boxwood can reach heights of 4 to 6 feet in a rounded shape.

It adapts to pruning and shearing well due to its dense growth habit. Foliage is a rich green, turning to a bronze color in the fall. Come spring, the evergreen leaves turn green once more. Tiny flowers bloom in the spring, but they are hardly noticeable.

Landscaping Ideas

Wintergem boxwood is the ultimate hedge plant. It can be grown into a large hedge or border. It can also be pruned into a small one. Boxwood is often used as a low border around formal herb garden. It is also the plant of choice for topiaries.

Wintergem boxwood looks great when paired with dwarf burning bushes, Marcus Meadow sage, Blue Skies lilac or Japanese rose. It also makes a nice contrast with tall rosemary plants.

This Boxwood can be used in repetitive plantings that do not form a true hedge and pruned into small box or rounded shapes.

This small bush is also useful for foundation plantings, especially against a nice contrasting material like red brick. If you're very ambitious, this plant also makes a good choice when making a hedge maze.

Boxwood Care

After planting, water regularly to establish a good root system. A slow release fertilizer treatment in the spring will keep your wintergem boxwood happy all year. Prune annually in the summer when flowering is past.

Plant in full to partial sun for the best results.

This plant is deer resistant, so if deer are a problem in your garden, this plant will be able to flourish. Common pests that you may need to deal with include leaf miners, nematodes, spider mites and scale. It is sensitive to root rot and ozone damage from air pollution.

Some people are sensitive to boxwood pollen during blooming season.

Boxwood Information

  • Scientific Name: Buxus microphylla japonica 'Winter Gem'

  • Best Soil: Semi-drought tolerant, but prefers loamy, sandy or clay soils that are well-drained. Preferred pH is 6.8 – 7.7

  • Light: Full to partial sun

  • Growth Rate: Moderate

  • Foilage: Green

  • Fall Color: Green with a hint of golden bronze

  • Bloom: Tiny yellow flowers in spring

  • Mature Size and Shape: When unpruned, 4 to 6 feet, both tall and wide. Usually pruned much smaller. Round growth habit.

  • Hardiness Zone: 5 – 9

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