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Winter Landscape Ideas for your Backyard

Most people design and build their landscape for Spring, Summer and Fall but they forget about the winter landscape. The landscape goes from spectacular to 3 or 4 months of basically nothing.

When doing the design your backyard landscape, or doing a renovation of your aged landscape think of winter first. By adding plants and hardscapes into your landscape that are interesting or unique you will have a landscape for all four seasons.

Winter Landscaping Ideas

Grasses: Ornamental grasses are excellent for the winter garden, there is a huge variety to choose from. Here are a few that have good winter interest Purple Silver Grass, Little Kitten Maiden Grass and Cabaret Japanese Silver Grass.

Trees and Shrubs:Weeping type trees look great in the winter

Weeping Cherry

Weeping Willow

Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud (PP10328)

Evergreens come in many shades of green, like the Blue Spruce with it's bright blue needles and some varieties are sculptured such as the Mint Julep Juniper. There is a huge variety of Juniper shrubs to choose from, shop around and find that perfect one for your yard.

Red and Yellow twig dogwoods give texture and bold colors

Snow White Flwrng. Dogwood

Red Twig Dogwood Stems

Dogwood - Artic Fire

Holly's are an excellent winter choice with glossy green foliage and red berries.The Gold Splash Euonymus variegated foliage maintains its color all year long and it is accented by showy, persistant fruit in the fall.

Gold Splash Euonymus

Berry Heavy Holly

Berry Nice Holly

The above plant photos are courtesy of Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

Structures and Hardscapes:

Arbors, Gazebos, Pergolas, Benches, Bridges, Statues and Birdbaths are great for adding visual interest to the winter landscape.

A rock garden or large rock and boulders are also a good choice for the landscape.

Backyard Lighting:

If you really want your landscape to shine in all four seasons backyard lighting is a must.

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