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If you are looking for a low maintenance flowering shrub, the Spirea shrub is one of the easiest to grow and maintain. Spireas are members of the rose family and there is over 80 different species.

Perfect for mass plantings and for containers. The foliage of the spirea bush makes a very nice display and the flowers will bloom throughout the growing season.

In May or June you should start to see the first flowering, which is the the most dramatic and should last about for about 3 to 4 weeks. After the first burst flowering the spirea will continue to bloom until late fall with sporadic flowering.

This deciduous shrub is hardy and is pretty much disease and insect resistance. Aphids can attack the spirea and if they do, just apply a soap spray to reduce and get rid of them. To improve the spireas shape and fullness regular light trimming is needed.

For the best flowering, plant your spirea in full sun and well drained soil. They can be planted in part sun to shade but this will reduce the amount of flowers it will produce.

They have been known to grow in poor soil conditions but by adding compost, peat moss or good planting soil around the shrub and a slow acting fertilizer in the spring will greatly increase the chances of survival.

Spireas are perfect for mass plantings, informal hedges or plant them along walls and fences season long color.

Varieties Of Spirea

Anthony Waterer Spirea
Anthony Waterer Spirea is a mixture between common Japanese spirea and Japanese white spirea. At times this deciduous plant will send out branches that may be oddly colored...

Gold Flame Spirea
Gold Flame Spirea is a compact plant that gives you a lot of color. New growth in the spring is bronze, which matures to a soft yellow green.

Goldmound Spirea
Goldmound Spirea is a small round shrub with golden leaves. Flat clusters of pink flowers appear in June and July. The flowers are wonderful in...

Limemound Spirea
Limemound Spirea is a small shrub related to roses. Bright green leaves are accompanied by pink flowers that bloom in summer. Come fall, the flowers are replaced with...

Daphne Spirea
Daphne Spirea is a wonderful little plant, especially if you have a small garden. It gives you all the enjoyment of the larger spireas in a smaller area. Pale pink and ...

Magic Carpet Spirea
Magic Carpet Spirea is a very compact little shrub with rosy pink flowers in early summer. It requires full sun to bloom at its best. Its mounding growth habit is great for ...

Little Princess Spirea
Little Princess Spirea offers visual interest in spring, summer and fall. This deciduous shrub grows up to 5 feet tall and it needs room to ...

Neon Flash Spirea
Neon Flash Spirea is a low growing shrub that will give you a lot of color. It is semi-deciduous depending on where you live. The leaves are pointed with ...

Renaissance Spirea
Renaissance Spirea is a graceful shrub topped with clouds of white flowers. These snow white blooms adorn the plant like newly fallen snow or lace.

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