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Shrubs for Container Gardening

Choosing shrubs for container gardening is a more complicated process than you might think. Gardening in containers is a lot different than gardening in the ground. For one thing, plants grown in containers are more susceptible to environmental conditions like frost.

This is because the earth acts as a natural insulator for plants and shrubs and keeps them protected. Shrubs grown in containers aren't’t offered the same protection.

Because plants are exposed to harsher conditions, the best shrubs for container gardening are those that are relatively "low maintenance". This means that they are heartier and not very sensitive. They can grow just about anywhere and do not require a lot of specialized care.

Junipers - Evergreen Shrubs

Juniper shrubs are a needled evergreen that is native to the northern atmosphere. Many people often think that juniper is actually cedar even though cedar plants have their own species. The juniper berry is often used as a spice in cooking. The berries are also used to flavor gin.

Juniper is one of the most popular bonsai tree species and is thought to symbolize strength, athleticism, longevity and fertility. Be careful because some juniper shrubs are susceptible to the Gymnosporangium rust disease.

Burning Bush

This is also known as Winged Spindle, Euonymus alatus and winged euonymus. This plant is native to Asia—China, Japan and Korea especially and usually grows to be about eight feet tall. The burning bush shrub has greenish flowers that bloom for a long time in the spring and then in the fall it turns into a bright red color, which is how it got its name.

It is popular in parks as a decorative plant but you should be careful because in eastern parts of North America it is also thought of as an "invasive species". Read more about the burning bush shrub.


This is a perennial herb and has needle like leaves. It is native to the Mediterranean area and is a member of the mint family. The best thing about this container shrub is that not only is it pretty to look at, but you can use it in your cooking as well.

This plant is very high in vitamin B6, iron and calcium. It is a very hardy plant and can tolerate drought, and can easily be pruned into a variety of shapes. This is also one of the favorite shrubs for container gardening because it is so pest resistant.

These are just three of the good shrubs for container gardening, though there are plenty more to choose from. Container gardening is a great idea for people who want to add depth or levels to their outdoor gardens and is equally good for people who live in smaller dwellings and might not have much space to plant a full garden.

Using shrubs for container gardening is a great way to turn an ordinary backyard patio into a nice garden retreat, and it has been said that gardening can be very therapeutic.

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