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Self Watering Planters

Self watering planters offer convenience particularly for greenery that's put in hard to reach places. Also if you travel regularly, a self watering system keeps your plants healthy until you return. However, realize that despite the name these planters have refillable reservoirs that hold the water supply. Depending on the design water goes into a holding area at the bottom with either a column or a wick that transports water as needed.

Self watering containers resolve the issue of keeping your plants properly watered. The idea is really very simple. The soil soaks up water from the reservoir below as its needed by osmosis. You cannot over-water using these systems. As long as you remember to refill the reservoir, you plant continues to get the amount of water it needs. Additionally, you can mix fertilizer into the water to feed the plant effortlessly.

Bear in mind that you'll pay a little more for a good self watering system, and they’re not always easy to find. The good news is that they're lightweight and great for gardeners who sometimes forget about their plant’s watering needs. When you’re shopping this particular product may also bear the name "deluxe watering system." They come in an array of sizes and colors so it should be no problem to find something that fits your overall landscape design.

Cons of Self Watering Planters

Be aware that the water reservoir for a self watering container will naturally attract mosquitoes. They'll want to breed there. To avoid this problem altogether add a few drops of oil into the water. Alternatively get a mosquito dunk – a product that also deters black flies. Avoid the dunk, however, if you’re growing edible items.

Another problem with this style of container gardening is that if you put the pot in sunlight the plastic can heat up. This changes the temperature of the soil. For that reason, avoid choosing black containers or make sure you place dark containers in area with only partial sun or full shade. Sunlight is hard on plastic too. You can anticipate about a 2-3 year lifespan for your system.

Choosing a Self Watering System

If you want larger self watering planters seriously consider looking for those that offer adjustable taps. That way you can change the amount of water based on whatever plant you have in the larger container. Other considerations in finding the best product for your home include:

  • How many plants the system holds
  • How many days / weeks worth of water the reservoir holds
  • Solid construction
  • Connecting tubes with adjustable lengths
  • Automatic turn-off when the reservoir is empty
  • Drainage hole

Remember that you'll need a level surface on which to put the planter that's clear of electrical devices. These can leak if you overfill them. Also remember that because these systems hold water they may suffer freezing damage in winter months. If possible, move yours to a protected area where the temperature remains above freezing.

Types of Self Watering Containers

self watering planter

Let's look at some examples of systems available. First there's this 2-Tier Self-Watering Cascade Planter icon. A tiered planter provides a showcase for beautiful flowers no matter where you put it. These look particularly lovely on a patio or balcony, and fit into areas where you have limited space. Consider a system like this for culinary herbs or salad greens.

This particular item offers a 7-quarter water reservoir and holds over 20 quarts of soil. The steel frame makes it very durable. Better still it goes together very easily, and takes up no more than a yard of space height wise.

window box self watering planter

Or you could go with a 31" self watering window box icon . This particular style of self watering planter is formed from strong plastic that can endure frost, making it ideal for 4-season landscapes. As with the three tier piece, it holds 7-quarts of water and over 20 quarts of soil.

The greatest advantage to window box gardening is that the box itself creates a uniform appearance around your home. If you'd like to use the boxes on a deck rail instead, there’s steel mounting brackets to keep the system secure.

terrazza self watering planter

A third example of a self watering container system is this Terrazza Trough planter icon. This is a very stylish option that's reminiscent of the quaint allies in Italy. Turn your patio into a innovative showcase with plenty of room for a variety of plants.

This particular system holds 130 quarts of soil. The exterior wood-grain plastic has been treated to resist warping in the sunlight. Better still, this particular design has casters, making it easier to move around when you want to change the look of your yard or deck.

Self watering planters are very easy to use and a wonderful addition to landscaping endeavors. They come in many different shapes and colors, one of which is sure to fit in perfectly with your home's style and ambiance. These containers offer convenience and save gardeners time that can be better used and enjoyed by grabbing a chair and gazing at your handiwork.

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