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Renaissance Spirea

Renaissance Spirea is a graceful shrub topped with clouds of white flowers. These snow white blooms adorn the plant like newly fallen snow or lace.

The natural fountain shape shows off the flowers to their best advantage. They look absolutely spectacular in moonlight. This easy to care for plant tolerates a wide range of soils and temperatures.

It loves a sunny spot, so put it somewhere you can truly enjoy its display.

This hybrid was developed from two Chinese species in France. Renaissance belongs to the group of bridalwreath spireas. The sprays of flowers were historically woven into wreaths that were worn on the bride's head during spring weddings.

Landscape Ideas

Renaissance Spirea makes a fine specimen plant. You can also use them to make a casual hedge or a spectacular mass planting. With its tiny leaves, Renaissance Spirea also makes a wonderful bonsai plant.

This large stunning plant makes a great background for other smaller plants. Add it to mixed borders or let it fill in a fence line. This is a perfect choice for an English cottage garden or if your home is Colonial style.

Use it for white gardens or for moonlight gardens. The flowers work well in cut arrangements or for wreath making.

Plant this shrub with forsythia, hydrangea, rhododendrons or Rose of Sharon for a stunning display. Butterflies love this plant. It also shows nice fall colors in the garden.

Care And Planting Tips

Renaissance Spirea prefers full sun for it to do its best. Plant it somewhere that allows it enough room to grow. Water it regularly until it is established. It tolerates cold very well.
Deer don't seem to eat it.

If you must prune it wait until it has finished flowering for the season. This will stimulate new growth. Annual pruning will also allow you to develop a more formal appearance. Fertilize in early spring before new growth begins.

This cultivar has improved pest and disease resistance so you don't need to worry about treating it all the time, giving you a truly low maintenance shrub for your landscape.

Renaissance Information

  • Scientific Name: Spiraea vanhouttei 'Renaissance'

  • Best Soil: Widely adaptable

  • Light: Full sun to partial shade

  • Growth Rate: Moderate

  • Foliage: Dark blue green

  • Fall Color: Orange and red

  • Bloom: Tiny white blooms cover the arching branches

  • Mature Size and Shape: Grows 5 to 7 feet tall and 6 to 8 feet wide in a fountain or vase shape

  • Hardiness Zone:3 - 7

  • Plant Spacing: Plant 5 to 6 feet apart for groupings

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