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How to Prune Burning Bush Shrubs

Without proper pruning of your burning bush it will become overgrown and quite unsightly. Being that the burning bush is most often planted for it brilliant fall foliage, it is always best to prune it in late winter after all the leaves have fallen or early spring before any new growth appears.

For newly planted burning bushs, trim lightly every year as this will promote growth for a more dense and full plant.

If you do happen to have a large overgrown shrub and want to trim it down I would suggest that you only cut about 1/3 of the burning bush back each year till you get to the desired size.

The burning bush has a very strong and branching growth habit which helps it tolerate heavy pruning.

Best Tools for Pruning A Burning Bush Shrub

Because of the strong branching growth the burning bush has, it is better to trim them with either hand pruning shears icon or loppers or a small hand saw. Like it has been said for many years you get what you pay for, well pruning tools are no different. The best pruning tools will have replaceable blades and made of high quality materials. By buying a better quality pruner you are doing yourself and your plant a favor.

Always use the right cutting tool for the job, by this I mean don't try to cut a 2 inch diameter limb with a hand pruner, that is only suppose to cut a 1 inch size limb. You will end up having a unclean cut on your burning bush.

When purchasing hand pruners always look at the blades first. The blades should be made of top-quality steel replaceable steel blades.

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