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Creating a Privacy Wind Screen With Junipers

Wanting privacy and a wind screen at the same time?

Junipers are the ideal plant for a low maintenance privacy wind screen, that will also add year round beauty to your landscape.

Unlike dedciduous trees and shrubs, Junipers don't drop their foliage in the fall, which means less maintenance by not having to rake up the leaves.

Tips on Planting Junipers

They love a full sun and need to be planted in soil that is well drained. They are perfect for dry, clay like soils and will handle a wide range of pH levels.

To get the best privacy wind screen out of the junipers, avoid planting them in shaded areas. This will result in a juniper that is thin and open.

Properly space your junipers, so at maturity they form the perfect wind screen. By overcrowding them to create a faster screening you will be inviting insects and diseases.

Upright Growing Junipers

  • Spartan: A tall pyramidal, fast growing tree that has a deep green color with a formal appearance.

  • Blue Point: These will have a tear drop Pyramidal form They haver extremely dense branching that is blue-green.

  • Skyrocket: A very fast grower up to 15 ft tall and 2 t0 3 ft wide.The silvery blue foilage forms a narrow tight column.

  • Wichita Blue: Has a pyramidal form with blue foliage. Look for this tree to get 10 to 15 foot tall and about 5 foot wide. upright habit to 10'-15' tall and about 5' wide.

  • Eastern Red Cedar:Small to medium-sized evergreen tree with a wood that is fragrant. It is very drought resistant.

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