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Pool Landscaping Ideas

So you have the swimming pool you've always wanted installed... now yourneeding some what pool landscaping ideas.

There are a lot of elements that may be a part of your pool landscaping plans. You may need a fence, especially if you have small children. You may want patio furniture, lights and statuary. And of course, you need plants to lend that natural touch and tie the pool area into the rest of the landscape.

Pool Fences and Vines

Let's start with your fence. No matter what style of fence you choose to enclose your pool, you can soften it with climbing vines.

Choose vines that don't shed a lot of leaves and petals. Many species of ivy provide a thick privacy screen. They hold their leaves all winter and come in many variegated varieties for visual interest.

Creeping Charlie or other small-leafed vine may also make a nice accent here and there amongst the ivies. You could even add an evergreen clematis here and there... not too many, so you don't need to clean up petals too often.

Pool Plants

You can also plant bamboo or other tall plants around the perimeter of the pool area to provide privacy. Bamboo does not shed a lot of leaves, but depending on the variety you choose, you will need to contain the roots so they don't spread too far or damage the underground part of your pool.

When you are choosing plants that fit your pool landscaping ideas, keep in mind a few things. You don't want plants that lose a lot of leaves or petals... it means more work cleaning your pool. You don't want to choose a lot of flowering plants... they attract bees, which may not be what you want when you're relaxing in the pool.

So try to keep your choices to evergreens that don't shed a lot or attract a lot of insects.

Broadleaf evergreens like holly, laurel, boxwood shrubs, wintergreen and nandina may provide you with a nice mixture of landscaping choices. They all drop very few leaves, and many provide colorful berries in contrast.

If you live in an area warm enough for a year-round pool, you may also have the climate to support Ti plants or crotons. They have very colorful foliage that can replace flower color.

Adding Hardscapes around the Pool

Decorative accessories can include statuary, water fountains, and decorative pots for container flower gardening.

What style are you going for with your pool? Elegant, traditional European styles, like stone lions, Greek figures, or ornate water features, perhaps?

Or maybe you like sleeker, modern styles. Whatever style you choose, your plants can enhance the look.

Modern styles will go well with plants that are simpler... ornamental grasses, for example, or plants with a strong vertical line to their structure. The old-style accessories would go well with any of the broadleaf evergreens mentioned previously, since those plants, or others that look similar, can be found in Europe.

Pool Lighting

Finally, you won't want to forget about adding lighting to your pool landscaping ideas. The right lighting will not only give you more security, but they can accent the effect of the water in the pool, or they can highlight artwork or certain plant specimens around the pool.

Lighting can make or break your landscaping. While solar lights may cost a little more initially, you'll get nice soft lighting at night without an added electrical bill. As solar becomes more affordable, more styles of lights are hitting the market so you can choose something that fits your landscaping style and provides that soft lighting in the evening that you desire.

In the end, you'll have a lovely place to enjoy your pool, no matter what time of day you step outside.

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