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Pink Muhly Grass

Pink muhly grass is a fine textured clumping grass that provides spectacular color in the fall. Let the clump grow to its full size and watch the 4 foot tall flower stems burst into color, waving their feathery plumes in the slightest breeze.

All summer it looks like another clump of ornamental grass. Sure, it waves in the breeze and provides some interest, but in the fall is when this plant comes into its own. You won't regret planting this grass once you see the masses of airy pink blooms. This plant does well in hot, humid and dry conditions. It is native to North America. You can grow it in some cooler zones by protecting it in the winter.

Landscape Uses

Plant pink muhly grass in a mixed bed or border for a dramatic contrast in texture and color. It works well in a container as well as a ground cover. It will look spectacular when it is in bloom! Use the blooms as a cut or dried flower. The pink plumes will make a nice bouquet all by themselves or mixed with other plants.

This plant naturalizes well. Use it as a focal point or specimen plant. It looks wonderful reflected in a water feature. In some areas, this plant works well as an annual. Add it to your meadow or cottage garden for visual interest.

It also adds a lot of pizzazz to a xeriscape or rock garden landscape. Plant it in drifts for an amazing look. It contrasts well with evergreen shrubs like holly and euonymus.

It also looks nice with blueberries, Scotch broom and heath. This ornamental grass looks lovely against a wall, creating a background for other flowers. To highlight the fall blooms, use evergreen shrubs as a back drop in your landscape.

Care and Planting Tips

Pink muhly grass loves the sun, although it will tolerate light shade. Plant it in a well drained spot. This plant is extremely drought tolerant once it is established. Deer stay away from it.

Divide plants in the spring or sow from seed. This low maintenance grass adds color and movement to your garden. Pink muhly grass stands up well to coastal winds and weather. Prune it in early spring before new growth appears to make a neat appearance.

Grass Information

  • Scientific Name: Muhlenbergia capillaris 'Lenca'

  • Best Soil: Well-drained soil, sandy

  • Light Needs: Full sun to partial shade

  • Growth Rate: Moderate

  • Foliage Color: Green

  • Flower Color: Pink, purple-red, lavender-gray

  • Bloom Time: Fall

  • Mature Size: Grows 3 to 6 feet tall and 1 to 3 feet wide in a clump

  • Watering: Drought tolerant

  • Hardiness Zone: 6 - 10

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