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Patio Privacy Screen

Creating a living patio privacy screen with these patio privacy ideas

There is a solution to keeping the neighbors prying eyes out of your yard without having to put up a fence. More and more people are opting to go with plants to create a privacy screening for their patio.

Containers, Trellises and Small Planting Areas

patio privacy screen When there is limited area for planting a great solution to this is create your privacy by using large containers and planting boxes.

For extra height and a more instant screen you could get a trellis with a planting box and plant a vine. Like the photo on the left.

Depending the the hardiness zone you live in, here are some vines you could consider planting (Virginia creeper, Clematis, Procelian berry, Climbing Hydrangea, Silver Lace, Wisteria, Boston Ivy and English ivy), also make sure that the vine you choose matchs the light condition of your patio.

Smaller patio trees that grow well in containers is another option. If height is needed, but you are limited to a small bed area than you might want to consider planting tall ornamental grass, bamboo or taller shrubs. Lilac and viburnums are tall shrubs that are low maintenance.

Privacy Hedges

pato privacy screen with trees

Depending on the height needed and the maintenance time you are willing to put into maintaining a hedge, will help you decide on what type of shrub or tree you want to plant.

There are many varieties of junipers and arborvitaes that will provide excellent screening. Choose one that fits your patio style and conditions. Junipers and arborvitae's love full sun and prefer well drained soil.

More Privacy Plant Ideas

For patio screenings that require less height you could plant, shrub roses, spirea, boxwood shrubs or dwarf burning bush shrub. For a privacy patio screen that will provide all year long screening make sure your plants are non-deciduous.

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