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Patio Decorating Ideas

Using a theme for your patio is one of the easiest ways to decorate your patio. Once you have decide on a patio theme, make sure that all of your patio accessories go along with your theme.

You should choose decorations (flowers, plants, patio furniture, privacy screens, etc) that go along with the theme you are trying to set in the area.

Tropical Patio

If you are interested in setting a tropical paradise theme to your backyard and patio, you may want to select furniture and accessories that go along with this theme. Tiki torches, lots of tropical plants and tropical decor are great for a tropical setting.

coconut palm tree

You can use plants such as palm trees, jasmine, hibiscus, and assorted vines to set the island mood.

If you live in colder climates and prefer not to have the hassle of bringing your tropical plants in during the cold months. Artifical plants like the areca palm trees, and artificial phoenix coconut palm trees would add the tropical look to your patio.

You can also use bamboo fencing and bamboo looking pots for your plants.

Asian Patio Decorating Ideas

asian patio furniture If you would like your backyard and patio to be a calm and tranquil place, an Asian theme would work well for your patio decorating. You can use calming colors for your cushions and wicker furniture to really set the mood for an Asian paradise.

No patio is complete without plants, try to use as many Asian plants as you can. You could add a patio water garden in the mix as well; running water can be very calming.

Nautical Patio Decorating

Many people who live by a body of water decide to do nautical patio decorating themes in their backyard and on their patio. For nautical themes you can use cedar or teak outdoor patio furniture and accessories that have to do with fishing, water activities, and have fish or other marine life prints.

You can also have driftwood carvings, brass ship wheel bell or small pier post wrapped in rope. Add a few lighthouse statues, some decorative fish net and you have a great nautical themed backyard and patio.

Other Patio Decorating Ideas

Maybe you have a beautiful garden for a backyard, you can make walkways through your garden to a center patio or gazebo made of light colored wood. You can have a hanging swing in the middle of your gazebo or a glider on you patio.

You can use soft pastels or floral prints in your patio decorating for your cushions and have light colored wood furniture. These tips can create a natural feel to your garden sanctuary.

After deciding on a theme for your backyard and patio area you can begin shopping for all you need to have a beautiful backyard. If you end up with too many supplies you can always sprinkle weather resistant statues and such around your yard to add to your theme.

Decorating your backyard and your patio can be a fun and creative experience, you may even like it so much you will want to redecorate the inside of the house next.

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