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Outdoor Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Outdoor wrought iron patio furniture is a traditional and beautiful choice for furnishing your patio. Wrought iron furniture is so classic it fits in with just about any kind of yard and patio.

What is Wrought Iron?

The term “wrought iron” technically means that the iron was heated and hammered into its design by a craftsman who was skilled at ironworking. Some wrought iron furniture is still made that way, and you’ll pay handsomely for the skills that created it. Most wrought iron furniture you see today technically only “wrought iron style”… the design and material matches, but the metal was molded rather than hammered into its final design. It is still known in the retail trade as wrought iron furniture, however.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Furniture

There are many benefits to choosing outdoor wrought iron patio furniture to furnish your yard or deck. Wrought iron furniture is easy to clean. A simple wipe-down is usually enough, but if it is really dirty, you can safely use soap and water. Rust flecks can be sanded off if needed, and a little spray paint will cover the spot, sealing it safely once again.

Wrought iron is durable and can withstand the weather. Wind has little to no effect on wrought iron. It is heavy enough to remain secure in all but hurricane strength gales. Check it occasionally for rust, as previously mentioned.

It will last for many years with little care. If it does become damaged, it can be repaired to its original beauty and function easily. You will find wrought iron to feel strong and solid. Iron is a strong basic metal, and its strength complements the design elements employed in patio furniture very well.

Speaking of design, wrought iron lends itself well to any number of styles. Some people like heavier designs with lots of ornate detailing… others like clean, classic lines. Wrought iron can do it all with style and grace. Wrought iron is traditionally black, but it can also come in a variety of other finishes to suit your tastes.

Outdoor wrought iron patio furniture is comfortable. Molded and shaped to support our bodies just right, wrought iron furniture can provide comfort and support with or without extra cushioning.

Wrought Iron Compared to Other Styles of Furniture

Like wood and wicker furniture, wrought iron furniture is classic and traditional. It blends in easily with its surroundings, and looks like it belongs there. If you want a contemporary look, wrought iron fits in that environment as well.

Wrought iron furniture is often looked upon as a piece of practical art. The grace and curves that are possible can truly create a beautiful addition to your patio.

What to Look for in Quality Wrought Iron Furniture

You’ll find that outdoor wrought iron patio furniture comes in a range of qualities and prices. High end wrought iron is probably hand forged in the traditional manner. If you are looking for a piece of art to grace your space, you may want to consider this.

When judging quality, look at the thickness of the metal. The thicker it is, the more durability it will have. Make sure your furniture is finished with a powder coat finish… it resists damage like scratches and chips, and provides a long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion.

It is very possible to find some very nice furniture sets for around $200, although some of the high end prices may give you a bit of sticker-shock. Whatever you end up buying, if you find a decent quality, you shouldn’t have to replace it for a long time, if ever.

Caring for Your Wrought Iron Furniture

While wrought iron can stand up to the elements with strength and grace on its own, to really maintain its ‘like new’ quality, you may want to indulge in a little maintenance now and then. Occasionally wash it down lightly with a soapy solution and rinse lightly.

Dish soap is adequate for this task. Some people go the extra mile and apply a spray wax once or twice a year as a little extra protection from the rain.

As time passes, it is inevitable that your furniture may suffer the occasional chip or scratch. If you attend to it right away, your furniture will remain in perfect condition.

You’ll want to sand down the affected area lightly with medium grit sandpaper, and then apply the paint. If you do not have matching paint, check out your local auto parts store for touch up paint.

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