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Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights have come a long way since they were first designed and manufactured. The original solar lights were a curious mix of gadgets that didn't hold a charge very well and didn't give off very much light. With improved batteries, more effective solar cells, and super-bright LEDs solar lights can replace wired lighting in many situations.

Solar panels collect sunlight and convert it to electrical energy to recharge the batteries that power the lights. Uniformly easy to install, they can be used around swimming pools since there is no danger of electrical shock. The LED bulbs will last for 100,000 hours of usage as compared to approximately 3,000 hours of life in an incandescent bulb. Essentially on-demand lighting, they won't waste electricity. You just need to pick the right solar light for the job.

Motion Sensor Solar Security Light

outdoor solar security light

If you come home after dark and need instant-on illumination to light your path from the car to the house, this is the light you need. Also, if you want to know when someone is approaching your home and want them to know that their presence has been detected, this light will meet your needs.

When motion is detected up to 50 feet away, 60 LED bulbs will turn on and stay on up to 30 seconds after the motion has ceased. Their power is stored in a six volt lead-acid battery.

The motion detecting sensor is adjustable and can be set to detect motion within an arc of 180 degrees. Easy to install, the solar cell can be mounted up to 20 feet from the actual light making it easier to place the cell in direct sunlight.

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Solar Path Light

outdoor solar path lights

If you need outdoor solar lights to illuminate a sidewalk or driveway this is the type of light to buy. With thick beveled glass and a stainless steel body, this light is attractive and weatherproof. It is available in a bronze or brushed stainless steel finish.

Engineered to turn on and off automatically, this unit will provide continuous light during the hours of darkness. Complementing the two super-bright LED bulbs is a long-lasting NiCad battery capable of powering the light for up to 10 hours.

Sold in sets of two, the lights are secured into the ground with metal stakes and have an overall length of 21 1/2 inches.

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Area Solar Spotlight

outdoor solar spotlight

For a bright and versatile area lighting solution the Area Solar Spotlight provides more illumination than many low-voltage lighting systems. These outdoor solar lights have an anodized aluminum body and 16 LED bulbs which will never need replacing.

A very adaptable light, the Area Solar Spotlight can be mounted on a wall, in the ground, around a pool or deck. The solar panel can be mounted up to 15 feet from the light.

After the lights turn on automatically at dusk, the three NiMH batteries will provide power for up to 12 hours. An on-off switch is located on the solar panel so you have the ability to turn off the lights it you don't want the illumination.

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Dual Solar Spotlights

dual outdoor solar spotlights

These ultra-bright outdoor solar lights can be used as floodlights, spotlights, or for bright path illumination. With an anodized aluminum body that is weather-proof and corrosion resistant and hand soldered circuitry and factory testing, they are engineered to last for many years.

At 57 lux of illuminating power, these lights are brighter than any other solar light and eclipse the power of many low-voltage systems.

A 15-foot cord from the solar panel to the light gives you flexibility in mounting the solar cell so it can collect the most sunlight to recharge the NiMH battery. These outdoor solar lights sit atop stakes that allow you to secure them in the ground.

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All of these outdoor solar lights are durably constructed and made to last for a long time. The solar panels are UV stabilized so they won't yellow and lose effectiveness over time. Each of these products fulfills a different need.

Whether it is motion detection for security and safety, or bright area lighting that will turn on and off automatically, or lighting near the ground to illuminate paths and driveways you just have to determine your need to chose which light is best for you.

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