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Choosing the Best Backyard Outdoor Heater

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An outdoor heater can keep your patio and deck warm enough to enjoy year-round. But, there are some important things you need to consider when buying a heater for outside use.

What Kind Of Area Are You Going To Heat?

If you plan to use an outdoor patio heater to heat a large space, you will need to make certain that it is large enough to warm the space effectively. The height from which the heat is distributed will also impact the size of the heater needed.

For example, if your patio is relatively small with room for only 5 or 6 people, a small tabletop outdoor heater can keep such a space comfortably warm. However, if you need to heat a large deck that has room for 15 people, consider buying 2 or 3 large patio heaters that distribute heat from several feet off the ground.

How Often Will You Use Your Patio?

The frequency with which you will use your outdoor space to entertain friends or family may initially have an impact on what type and size of patio heater you purchase. However, consider that today's heaters are often inexpensive. Many times, you can purchase a commercial-size heater capable of heating a large space for less than $400.

With such an inexpensive price tag, try not to make your purchase decision based solely upon how often you will be outside. You may actually find yourself wanting to spend more time outside once you purchase an outdoor heater and wish you had invested in a more reliable model.

What To Look For In A Outdoor Heater?

There are a few things you should consider when deciding to buy an outdoor heater. First, think about your family's safety. Many patio heaters, especially the large 7-foot tall heaters, are equipped with a tilt safety feature. That is, if the heater is tilted a certain degree, the gas will automatically shut off.

Also, be sure to buy a heater that does not require any electrical connections as these can cause your guests to trip over them. Most well-built heaters are designed to withstand the elements.

However, while most are designed with a sheet metal structure, you can often find heaters that are built with a special structural system that can make the heater easier to assemble and more convenient to clean.

Relaxing with friends and family in your backyard or on your patio can be a great way to entertain and enjoy the evening. With a little planning using the tips above, you can feel confident that your investment in an outdoor patio heater will provide warmth whenever you need it and allow you to use your outdoor space throughout the entire year.

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