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Modular Outdoor Kitchens

Modular outdoor kitchens make it easy to set up your own prefab outdoor kitchen. For a fraction of the price of having a custom outdoor kitchen built, you can get modules that fit together in whatever order you like. One company boasts that their modules can be put together 1.9 million different ways!

All the modules are made of pre-constructed lightweight cabinets. They fasten together easily to create a sturdy, long lasting kitchen. The modules are weather-resistant and stand up well to sun and rain.

Due to the flexibility of the modules, you can set up your modular outdoor kitchen however you want it. Modules are available in many sizes and configurations. They are much easier to install than prefabricated islands. Islands are extremely large and heavy and may require special equipment to get them into your backyard.

Modules are lightweight and easily moved into your yard without any special equipment. Once you get them home, you can put them together or hire a contractor to finish the job for you. Some companies that sell kitchen modules will offer to set them up for free as well.

Part of what makes modular outdoor kitchens unique is how the modules are constructed. Most are made of heavy duty tubular steel framing. This gives each module strength and safety. Since an outdoor kitchen must deal with extremely high heats from the grill, this steel construction guarantees your kitchen is fire safe. The use of galvanized steel framing ensures your kitchen won't wear out in a few short years.

Each module is covered by a mildew resistant barrier that helps protect your kitchen from the weather. After the modules are connected together using a clip and screw system, the exterior can be covered with stone, stucco or tile to create the unique look you want. You can do this yourself, or hire a professional to do it for you.

You'll still need to choose the grill, refrigerator and other amenities you wish to add to your kitchen modules. These are the heart of any kitchen, after all. Once you've decided on the grill you want, you may want to put a few thoughts towards storage in your outdoor kitchen.

Modules are available with cupboards, drawer systems, bench tops and more. If you really enjoy cooking outdoors every day, maybe you even need more than one grill. No matter what you need in your outdoor kitchen, you can design it using kitchen modules.

Some modules come prefinished with stainless steel or a powder coated finish. If this look appeals to you, your job of designing and installing your kitchen modules is even easier. On these modules, the handles are made of anodized aluminum and the counter tops are stainless steel. Bench tops can also be ordered made from granite. All the doors have a precision locking mechanism for easy opening and closing.

These metal modules go together very easily… connect them with four screws and it's done! The metal modules are made from heavy gauge powder coated steel. Another nice thing about the metal modules is if you decide to enlarge your outdoor kitchen at a later date, it can easily be done. You don't need to worry about ripping out an exterior coating before adding another module or two. Imagine setting up or adding to your outdoor kitchen in just a few hours… in time to cook dinner outside the same night!

Corner modules are also available so you can shape your outdoor kitchen the way you want. The corners are set at a 45 degree arrangement, making a soft curve rather than a deep 90 degree corner. Cupboard modules can be adapted to hold a gas cylinder with cutouts to pass the lines through for easy access to your barbecue.

Special modules for side burners, sinks, refrigerators and drawers are also available. These metal modules work best when they are installed beneath a covering of some sort. This can be a patio roof attached to the house or a freestanding roof.

No matter which type of modular outdoor kitchen you decide on, it is the best of both worlds. Not only can you design the configuration you want, it is easy to install and is more affordable than a custom built kitchen.

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