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Little Bunny Fountain Grass

Little Bunny fountain grass is the smallest of the dwarf fountain grasses. It requires very little care and always looks perky in the garden.

This low growing grass only reaches up to 12 inches in height and spreads to a size of about 2 feet. The showy plumes add a nice contrast to your everyday annuals and perennials. Use the fluffy plumes in your flower arrangements.

This little plant suffers from no pest or disease problems. The tufts attract wild birds to the garden. The unique shape provides winter interest even though the plant is dormant.

Wind ruffles through the grass, creating movement and soothing sounds. This species is native to many temperate regions around the world, especially in China and Japan.

How To Use The Little Bunny In The Landscape

little bunny fountain grass Use Little Bunny fountain grass in containers or in flower borders for contrast. They look wonderful massed together on a slope or a small area of the garden as a groundcover to prevent erosion.

They are drought tolerant, so they are a nice addition to xeriscape and desert gardens. They also fit in really well in rock gardens. The tiny plumes can add interest to fresh and dried flower arrangements.

Plant with perennials that like full sun such as thrift, blanket flower, sage, lavender and stonecrop. The Little Bunny fountain grass will make a nice contrast with its thin leaves and plumes. It also goes well with larger fountain grasses such as purple fountain grass and variegated Japanese silver grass.

Care And Planting Tips

Little Bunny fountain grass is easy to care for. Plant it in full sun, though it will tolerate partial shade if it has to. It prefers sandy soil. It can tolerate drought once established.

This little tuft is resistant to deer, rabbits, wind, pollution, hot temperatures and humidity. Plant it on a slope to prevent erosion. It also tolerates the sea air in coastal regions.

Propagation can be done with seed or division of the main plant. Division should be done in early spring before new growth begins. This is a good way to relieve overcrowding in the garden.

For the best appearance you may want to trim back old foliage in early spring to promote lots of new growth.

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Grass Information

  • Scientific Name: Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Little Bunny'

  • Best Soil: Widely adaptable

  • Light Needs: Full sun

  • Growth Rate: Slow

  • Foliage Color: Green

  • Flower Color: White-pink-cream color

  • Bloom Time: August to November

  • Mature Size: Grows 10 to 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide in a clump

  • Watering: Regularly until established.

  • Hardiness Zone: 5 - 9

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