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Limemound Spirea

Limemound Spirea is a small shrub related to roses. Bright green leaves are accompanied by pink flowers that bloom in summer. Come fall, the flowers are replaced with bright red and orange leaves.

This little shrub packs a lot of color into the year. Display it prominently so you can enjoy the seasonal changes and the butterflies. New growth appears yellow, then matures into a bright lime green.

This Spirea bush can trace its history back to China and Japan. It was cultivated by Monrovia Gardens from a sport of Goldmound Spirea.

Landscaping With The Limemound

Limemound Spirea is useful as a border plant or when you want to make fire safe landscaping. This shrub offers beautiful seasonal changes.

Use it as a foundation plant or in a mixed border along buildings, fences or walls. It looks spectacular in groupings with plants featuring dark foliage. Use it to make a hedge or to divide areas. It looks wonderful against evergreens. Plant them next to gates, entrances or other focal points.

Companion plants would include Meyer's Yew, Dwarf Eastern White Pine or Gaillardias. Heuchera, asters and creeping juniper also show off this shrub beautifully.

The showy pink flowers from May through July attract butterflies and bees to the garden. It is so good at attracting bees you may want to plant some near your vegetable patch to encourage pollination. Try it out and see how it works. With the problems with bees in recent years, anything that attracts them is a good thing.

Planting And Care Tips

Plant Limemound Spirea in full sun and water it regularly until it is established. Shear annually when flowering ends to create a formal appearance. It also looks lovely when it grows naturally. This plant can be pruned into a formal look or left to grow naturally. Either way it looks wonderful in the garden.

It has no serious problems with disease or insects. It may be susceptible to ailments suffered by roses if the conditions are right. Watch for leaf spots, powdery mildew, fireblight, rots, leaf rollers, scale and aphids. Deadheading the spent flowers may trigger a smaller repeat blooming later in the season. This shrub is resistant to deer, soil compaction, pollution and wind.

Spirea Information

  • Scientific Name: Spiraea x bumalda 'Monhub' P.P. #5834

  • Best Soil: Widely adaptable

  • Light: Full sun

  • Growth Rate: Moderate

  • Foliage: Green

  • Fall Color: Red and orange

  • Bloom: Pink clusters of tiny flowers

  • Mature Size and Shape: Grows 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide in a mounding habit

  • Hardiness Zone: 3 - 9

  • Plant Spacing: Plant 2 to 3 feet apart for groupings

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