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Focal Point Landscape Ideas

A backyard focal point is used to draw the eye to a special feature or plant in your landscape. You can create a focal point out of anything, let your imagination flow, find something that you really like.

Just make sure that the focal point fits the style and scale of your backyard. Most small yards will only have one focal point, while a larger yard might need two.

There are no rules to follow, but I'll give you a few guidelines to use and some simple ideas.

Plants are often used for focal points because of the ease and wide variety available. When choosing a plant think vertical and cone shaped, these tend to draw the eye better in most cases.

blue globsa
For something different I like to use a Blue Globosa on a Stick, even though it is not coned shaped it's color, texture and shape adds a uniqueness to the right landscape.

A mass of tall plants grouped together with shorter plants can be used for a landscape bed.

When using plants also think of the winter landscape you still would like to see your focal point, if you are not using some type of evergreen chose a plant that has a unique shape or form after the leaves have dropped such as a Contorted Filbert.

Hardscape Focal Point Ideas

Here is a short list of hardscape focal points to consider.
  • Rocks
  • Statues
  • Gazing Globes
  • Birdbath
  • Benches
When using a bench you are actually doing two things, creating the focal point and inviting someone to sit. This really works well when you have created an additional view to look at from the bench.

Garden Arbors are easy to install and by adding climbing plants to it you have created a simple and useful focal point. You can also add a bench to the arbor.

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