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Landscape Edging

Landscape edging plays an important role in your backyard landscape. The most common purpose of edging is to define a line between beds and your lawn. It also helps keep your turf grass from invading your beds, plus it keeps soil and mulch from spilling over into your lawn.

With so many different types of decorative edging available it would be hard for me to discuss them all, so I will tell you about the most common landscape edging materials

Landscape Edging Materials


Stone can give your landscape a formal or rustic look depending on how you lay it and the stone you choose. Fieldstone will give you a more rustic look while cut stone makes a neater more formal appearance.

The color of the stone also plays an important role too. Choose a color that complements or contrasts with your foliage in your bed. Also keep in mind if you a have landscape theme for your backyard use the same stone for walls or walks.


Plastic edging is the easiest to install and is least expensive for landscape edging. Its only purpose is to define beds and keep landscape material in it place. By choosing a more expensive brand of plastic edging, it will look better and is much more durable.

landscape edging

Master Mark Plastics 95340 Terrace Board 5-Inch-by-40-Foot Landscape Edging Coil, Brown

landscape edging

Emsco Group 2020 Choppers Poly Pound In Lawn Edging Black 120-Feet Total Length


Steel edging is a more durable and longer lasting, as with plastic there is no decorative value. It's not that much harder to install than plastic, but is more expensive. When considering steel edging look for a 10 gauge grade of steel. Steel Edging 10' Green Model 1014GR


Brick or performed concrete edging is common in most mass merchandiser stores. This type of edging is fairly easy to install and gives your landscape beds a more formal look, many styles and colors are available.

Recycled Rubber

Old tires that have been recycled into mulch mats is another way you can keep grass and weeds out of your landscape beds. This can be laid at the very front of the bed, allowing you to mow over it. Extra-Thick Recycled Rubber Mulch Edging icon

Aluminum Landscape Edging

Like steel edging, aluminum edging is more durable and will virtually last a lifetime. The flexibility of aluminum makes it much easier to install than steel edging.

You can create perfectly curved beds and tree rings because of this flexibility. Another advantage is that it will not corrode, unlike steel edging once you chip the paint off the corrosion will start.

Aluminum edging comes in 2 different thickness, either a 1/8 width or a 3/16th width. The 1/8th width is perfect for most homeowners. If you do have a high traffic backyard or you will have long straight runs I would suggest you use the 3/16th width for easier installation.

Polypropylene "Decorative Stone" Edging

Want the look of stone without all the work?

This landscape edging is made out of high density polypropylene, which is very durable and gives you the look of natural stone.

There is no digging involved to install it and the pieces are interlocking, making the installation easy.

Bamboo Edging

Do you have a tropical, Asian-style or colorful flower bed in your backyard?

This edging is the perfect way to enhance and accent your backyard landscape. Bamboo edging is lightweight, strong and durable.

Bamboo is considered Eco-friendly, since it is a grass that grows back in about 3 years.

You will find this edging in natural or speckled color and your choice of an even or staggered top.

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