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Juniper Shrubs

Juniper shrubs are wonderful in the home landscape. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost any need. They come in the form of trees, shrubs and ground cover shrubs. Junipers are evergreens in the conifer family. The foliage is needle-like with small berries forming instead of cones.

Junipers are a perfect solution in areas with low rainfall or water shortages. They are very drought tolerant once they become established. Watering is reduced to a minimum. Planting junipers will keep your landscape green on a fraction of the water a lawn will need.

Juniper trees are slow growing. While this may be a drawback when you are first establishing your landscaping, once they are mature they rarely need trimming to stay in their space.

Some people may opt to fill in the spaces between plants with annuals or other plants, but this can hinder the growth of your junipers. It is best to remain patient and reap your rewards when they mature.

Planting Your Junipers

When you are planning to plant juniper shrubs, think about your yard. Junipers tolerate a wide range of soil types, including alkaline soils. They do need good drainage. During hot summer weather, they like nice deep infrequent watering compared to frequent shallow watering. A lack of air around their roots will harm them more than a lack of water.

Adding lots of quality compost when you plant your junipers will help them get a good start. They will get all the nutrients they need from the compost. Chemical fertilizers tend to harm junipers as they are very sensitive to excessive levels of nutrients.

While you need to watch new plantings to keep the weeds at bay, once your junipers have grown weeds will seldom be a problem. Some people choose to begin their plantings with larger specimens, but this can be rather expensive. If price is no object, go ahead and plant more mature plants.

One way you can help the weed problem with younger plants is to spread a good organic mulch between them. Wood chips work well at suppressing weeds and they give your growing landscape a more uniform look. Mulch also helps keep the roots cool during hot summers and keeps the soil moist. All of these benefits will keep your junipers happy so they grow a little faster.

Landscaping With Junipers

juniper trees When you select your juniper shrubs, consider where they will be planted. How big of a space do you want them to cover when they are mature? Juniper comes in tall pyramidal shapes, rounded mounds, spreading shrubs and low growing shrubs.

You won't want to plant a small mounding juniper in a spot where you need vertical height. Likewise, you don't want to plant a tall thin juniper under a window... a spreading low growing variety may work better there.

Give your juniper shrubs a nice sunny location. Those grown in the shade will be leggy with few leaves. Some varieties make excellent hedges that can be sheared back annually for a very formal look.

Keep your junipers away from apple or crabapple trees. Junipers serve as an alternate choice for cedar apple rust. All in all, junipers are pest free. Spider mites do infest some varieties. If these are a problem in your area, choose varieties that are tolerant of them.

Other uses for juniper shrubs include screen plantings, windbreaks, specimen plants, foundation plantings and rock garden specimens. The berries are edible and can be used in traditional recipes or to make herbal medicines.

Try adding juniper berries to recipes featuring wild meats or vegetables for a new treat in the kitchen. The "Red Cedar" variety provides wood and fragrant oils that are used in perfumery and as a medicinal ingredient.

Junipers provide shelter for birds and small animals of all kinds. The berries provide a source of food for local wildlife.

Juniper shrubs can also offer a variety of color. There are green, blue and silvery varieties. They make a nice contrast when planted with broad leaved plants, flowering shrubs and perennials.

Planting junipers doesn't mean your yard will look like everyone else. Junipers can still add a lot of oomph to your landscape. Think about placing some in your yard for a wonderful, low maintenance choice.

Varieties Of Junipers

Blue Star Juniper

Blue Star Juniper offers sparkling silver blue foliage on a mounded form. It makes a wonderful contrast against...

Hollywood Juniper

The Hollywood Juniper has a wild, rustic appearance. The evergreen shrub branches naturally twist into different directions if left to its own growth habit. It does very well in...

Blue Point Juniper

Blue Point Juniper is a stately plant that maintains its shape well. This evergreen shrub makes a wonderful specimen or screen plant. Growing up..

Blue Rug Juniper

Blue Rug Juniper is a popular evergreen shrub. It grows low to the ground, its branches creeping only a few inches above the ground. The attractive feathery silver blue foliage provides..

Spiral Juniper

A spiral juniper is an attractive plant that grows upright in a naturally pyramidal form. The branches for a dense mat of bright green on this evergreen shrub. This plant grows very fast and grows best...

Blue Pacific Shore Juniper

Blue Pacific Shore Juniper is a low growing groundcover with a prostrate growing habit. This dense evergreen shrub is aromatic and offers beautiful blue green foliage. It fares well in...

Blue Chip Juniper

Blue Chip juniper is a popular evergreen ground cover that you can find in city gardens as well as in residential gardens. This low growing shrub has a large spread, so if you need...

Blue Weeping Juniper

Blue Weeping Juniper is a focal point wherever you plant it. Its tall, graceful branches weep beautifully draped in silver blue foliage. The fine texture contrasts nicely with...

Broadmoor Juniper

Broadmoor juniper is a dense mound of branches that spread gracefully along the ground. It grows to 2 or 3 feet tall and spreads out 6 or more feet in a horizontal manner.

Buffalo Juniper

Buffalo juniper is a ground cover that spreads over a wide area. It has soft, feathery foliage that is a nice bright green. It is easy to grow, even in...

Gold Lace Juniper

Gold Lace juniper offers a bright sunny shrub that requires very little care. Plant it in a sunny spot and enjoy the vibrant...

Spartan Juniper

Spartan Juniper is a beautiful, fast growing tall column of greenery. It works wonderfully for a windbreak or tall hedge. It grows well in a variety of...

Gold Coast Juniper

Gold Coast Juniper is a bright evergreen shrub that will make a splash anywhere. The lacy foliage is a bright yellow green. It creates a wonderful contrast with...

Wichita Blue Juniper

The Wichita Blue Juniper is a broad, pyramid shaped evergreen shrub that can be used in a variety of positions in the yard. The silver blue foliage provides...

Sargent Juniper

Sargent juniper is a fast growing evergreen shrub that is perfect for groundcover. The bright green foliage maintains its greenness all winter long. The green has just a hint of blue to darken it.

Prince of Wales Juniper

The Prince of Wales juniper is a very popular choice for an evergreen groundcover. In winter, the green foliage develops a purplish tinge that makes it stand out. The low branches spread from the center in a starburst pattern. This easy to grow juniper loves...

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