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Japanese Garden Art

Japanese garden art can take many forms. Tucked in among the plants, these art pieces add to the garden. From stone basins to statuary, Japanese garden art can bring a touch of humanity to the natural look of the garden.

Stone basins come in many sizes and shapes. They are meant to either gather water from the rain or to be the receptacle for water that drips from a bamboo water feature.

These basins can be accompanied by a bamboo cup, allowing the visitor to have a cooling sip, or to provide water to wipe a sweaty brow. Some basins are very simple and rustic in design, others are more elaborate and decorative. They are often made of granite or other types of stone.

Lanterns come in many different styles. From smooth, decorative Yukumi and Sennyuji lanterns to the more rustic Kayabou and boulder style lanterns, you are sure to find just the right one for your Japanese garden.

Some are quite large and ornate, featuring curved bases, ornately carved windows and specially shaped bases. Styles that include these features are Shinto, Skukogata, Oribe, Kotoji, Michigata, Edo and Kasuga styles. They all feature very skilled shaping and detail.

The more natural styles like the Shizidourou almost look like they were formed by nature. You can find any of these styles in a number of different stone colors to complement the colors in your garden.

Stone benches are another form of Japanese garden art. Either carved from stone or formed from a cement-like material, they can be as ornate as you wish. If you like more simple forms, you can use stone slabs set into a bench form, or use a naturally shaped boulder.

A newer form of Japanese garden art is the guide stone. This is a tall obelisk of stone with a cut away area for a light. The light is protected by a grid. The grid fits the Japanese design and is unobtrusive while lighting the pathway for visitors.

Stone pagodas add a definite touch of the Orient to your Japanese garden. You can find pagodas in all sorts of heights from relatively small to up to five feet tall. Depending on their design they may have three to five stories. A pagoda will definitely make a good focal point in your garden.

Other garden art accessories you may find useful in your garden include stone containers and stepping stones that are decorated with kanji symbols for the attributes you want for your life like Happiness, Serenity and Love. Stone or wooden bridges may also be an accessory you need in your garden that will add artistic beauty as well as filling a traditional place in the Japanese garden.

Statuary is a popular choice for Japanese garden art. You may choose a stone turtle, known to provide longevity in Japan, or maybe a statue of Buddha. You may also find goddesses like Amaterasu or Kwan Yin.

Cranes are also a popular choice due to their graceful design.

Another more traditional choice is to choose your stones carefully, as they are nature's works of art. Being able to appreciate the smoothness of a river stone, or the rugged edges of a large mountain boulder can not only add even more of nature's beauty to your garden, but can be representational.

Perhaps that large boulder is reminiscent of a large mountain, or it can be an island in the midst of your pond.

Whatever you ultimately choose for your Japanese garden art, it is sure to add a lot to your design. By placing it carefully amongst the plants, it will provide a lovely focal point and add that extra touch of authenticity.

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