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Ideas for Landscaping a Pond

Whether you have a natural pond, or want to build one, you'll need ideas for landscaping a pond. You can look in books, or search online for ideas that will appeal to your own personal preferences, your budget and your confidence in doing it yourself.

If you have a natural pond you'd like to landscape, you will need to think about the following areas to landscape: the perimeter of the pond, inside the pond and adding structures

Since a natural pond is pre-existing, it may be a little more challenging than if you were building a pond from scratch. Let's begin by looking at the areas you'll need to consider. By identifying these areas, you'll be better prepared to search for ideas for landscaping a pond.

The Perimeter of the Pond

ideas for landscaping a pond You can landscape the perimeter of an existing pond by planting or adding logs, rocks or other features that enhance the beauty of your pond. If the pond is large, a weeping willow or a stand of bamboo may look nice on one of the banks.

Some small or medium sized boulders may make nice focal points. If you have a marshy area, consider some cattails, reeds or other marsh-loving plants. An interesting fallen log or large piece of driftwood may make an interesting addition along the shoreline.

Pond Plants and Fountains

ideas for landscaping a pondWaterlilies and other water plants go without saying. Make sure you choose varieties that are hardy for your planting zone. Water lettuce, water hyacinths and other floating plants provide a little movement, while anchored plants like umbrella plants or star grass create interest around the edges.

Do you want to set up a fountain? If so, you'll need a safe way to provide electricity to the pump. The wiring could be hidden through a bunch of natural rock that is stacked artistically. A fountain would give you some vertical interest in the pond, as well as adding movement to the water.

Moving water will help prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the pond. You can also add goldfish, koi or mosquito fish to help control pests. If you add fish, you may want to think about adding a filter unless the pond is large enough to support the aquatic life through natural means.

Adding Structures

Depending on the size of your pond, you may want to make a small bridge across it, or install some benches along the edge so you can enjoy the pond up close.

On the other hand, if you are building your pond from scratch, you can landscape as you build. There are lots of ideas for landscaping a pond online that take you from digging the hole to the finished water feature.

First, you need to decide how large a pond you want, and where it will go in your yard. Outline the space with some string and pegs to get an idea of how it will look and how much space it will require.

When you build a pond, you have a lot more decisions to make. Do you want a fountain? A waterfall? Do you want an above ground pond or one that is at ground level? Do you like a formal look (bricks or wood) or a more natural one using stones?

You can purchase a kit that will come with all the supplies you need and instructions, or you can design your own, purchasing each part individually. Once you've installed your pond liner and set up any pump and filter required, you can fill the pond and start landscaping. Be sure to make space so any maintenance needed by the pump or filter can be attended to easily.

Here is where your search for ideas for landscaping a pond will come in handy. You'll be able to arrange stones of various sizes around it to look like a natural part of the pond, maybe even have a little waterfall come pouring from between an opening in the stones. You'll want to arrange the stones so they gradually blend in to your existing landscape surrounding the pond.

Choose plants to go around the edge, to float in the water and to be set into your pond in pots. If your pond is deep enough, you can even add plants that are completely submerged, though most of these plants can be invasive. They may be more appropriate in a larger, natural pond. Waterlilies can be potted up and set on the bottom, while water hyacinth floats by serenely.

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