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Hydrangea Pink Diamond

Hydrangea Pink Diamond is a showy bush of medium size that offers a showy white bloom in mid to late summer. The flowers quickly fade to a deep rich pink, which gives the plant its name.

The large leaves provide texture and a nice backdrop for the flowers. They don't wilt as badly in the sun as the macrophyllas. It also isn't as bushy as the other hydrangea varieties.

It blooms well in shady spots and blooms from July to August.

The bold flower clusters are conical in shape at the end of the branches. These cones can reach lengths of 10 or more inches. Individual blossoms may get to be 1.5 inches in diameter.

They make excellent additions to bouquets and dry well for everlasting arrangements. When the fall frosts arrive, the flowers have turned to a tan color.

This shrub is deciduous. This plant is rugged and blooms reliably every year. It is the most cold hardy of the hydrangea family.

Landscape Ideas

Hydrangea Pink Diamond works best in a woodland garden. This beautiful shrub can be an underplanting for large trees, or used as a specimen plant. It can be trained and pruned as a standard tree. It also makes beautiful hedges in shady areas.

Mass plantings are spectacular. Like other hydrangeas, it fills a need in those partially shady spots and brightens them with its profuse blooms.

Plant hydrangea Pink Diamond with azalea, rhododendron or as a backdrop to smaller woodsy plants like dicentra and foxglove.

Care and Planting Tips

Plant in light shade into well drained, moist soil. Water it frequently and don't let it dry out completely. They don't like drought. A good soil mix of peat moss and compost will keep the soil moist enough.

Prune the shrub hard in late spring to encourage lots of blooms. It grows fast, so don't be afraid to really cut it back. It is resistant to most disease and bug infestations. Feed in the spring for vigorous growth.

Hydrangea Information

  • Scientific Name: Hydrangea paniculata 'Pink Diamond'

  • Best Soil: Widely adaptable; prefers moist, acidic well-drained soil

  • Light: Sun to partial shade

  • Growth Rate: Fast

  • Foilage: Green

  • Fall Color: Insignificant

  • Bloom: Creamy white blossoms age to a deep rose pink on long conical clusters

  • Mature Size and Shape: Grows from 6 to 8 feet tall and 8 to 10 feet wide in a rounded form

  • Hardiness Zone: 3 ? 8

  • Plant Spacing: Plant 8 to 10 feet apart

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