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Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

If you're thinking of putting in a hot tub, you'll need a few hot tub landscaping ideas to help you make it the relaxing oasis it should be. With a few tips, you should be able to create beautiful surroundings for your hot tub.

Once you decide where to site your hot tub, the landscaping can really begin. If your hot tub will be built into decking, you may want to consider some containers of various sizes placed in close proximity.

If your hot tub will be set out in the yard, you may want to plant some landscaping shrubs that will give you some privacy.

Another hot tub landscaping idea you may want to take into consideration is your view from the hot tub.

Even if you don't have any sweeping vistas or majestic mountains to look at, you can design a private little garden that will add to the relaxing qualities of your hot tub.

Landscaping Around a Hot Tub

Let's explore these hot tub landscaping ideas a little closer. We'll start with the containers. Depending on the size of the containers, you can plant anything from small fragrant flowers to a good size tree.

Follow the rules for container flower gardening... choose plants that complement each other with a variety of color, height and texture. You'll want to have something with height, something short or trailing, and something that fills in between.

This can all be put into a single container, or you can do it by grouping several containers close together in clusters around the hot tub.

Choose some decorative containers that work well together. It doesn't matter if you like terra cotta, glazed ceramic or molded plastic pots... just make sure that all the containers you choose go together in a way that is pleasing to you.

For the plants... are you looking for something that is large enough to shade the hot tub? Or just add color and texture? Many areas can support small to medium sized citrus trees in containers. Combine these with some lavender, canna lilies or any other favorites to create the environment of your dreams.

Next, let's look at the view. What do you see from your hot tub? By planning a nice flower bed in your view, or maybe a few shrubs and a large rock or two, you can create your own little slice of heaven.

Maybe you'll want to incorporate a water feature like a backyard water fountain, a little waterfall surrounded by plants and a rockery or a patio water garden.

Water features are pretty simple to install these days. You can buy kits with easy instructions or you can spend a little more for one that is already put together. They require very little work to install. Imagine yourself soaking in a nice warm hot tub, looking out over your own private little waterfall. Sounds relaxing already, doesn't it?

Hot Tub Privacy

Now let's think about privacy plantings. Maybe you'd like a nice tall stand of bamboo to screen you from the neighbors.

Bamboo comes in many varieties. If you like that hot tub landscaping idea, be sure to find out if the bamboo you've chosen is a clumping or running variety. Clumping bamboo won't take over your yard. Running bamboo will, unless you take measures to contain it. Before you panic, it isn't that difficult. You just need to install a barrier around the plant a couple of feet deep in the soil.

Make sure you give the bamboo growing room. Maintenance is easy after that. Just trim out any dead or dying canes each year.

Other good privacy plants include a photinia hedge, laurel, juniper or maybe a fence with vines climbing on it. You may want to have hardy clematis (it is evergreen), honeysuckle, jasmine or wisteria climbing it. Any of these vines would provide good privacy screening, lovely flowers and a nice fragrance.

Now that you've made your choices, all you need to do is implement them to have a lovely, private hot tub to retreat to when you need to relax.

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