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Hardy Pampas Grass

Hardy pampas grass is truly spectacular. This giant ornamental grass grows well in the north while retaining the characteristics of its southern cousins. With long thin blades of green and tall stalks topped with silvery plumes in late summer, this plant makes an impressive addition to any landscape.

The blades of grass reach about 5 feet and form a graceful arching form. The silvery plumes start out with hints of purple at the top that fade to white in the fall. The plumes are perfect for both dried and fresh arrangements.

In the fall, multiple colors of tan, purple, beige and orange blend throughout the plant. The dried stalks make for interesting shapes in winter and are extremely beautiful when seen against an evergreen backdrop or when coated with snow.

This is a low maintenance plant that provides movement and vertical interest in the garden. This grass is not a true pampas grass, but it does a great job at imitating it in colder climates.

Landscape Uses

Include hardy pampas grass in a mixed border, or use it as a specimen plant where it can truly shine. If you have a difficult area, try mass planting it, allowing it plenty of room to spread over the years. Use the plumes in flower arrangements.

Plant it alongside a stream and let it spread for a beautiful natural look. Use it in a specimen garden as the backdrop to smaller shrubs and flowers.

It can also form a screen between your yard and a view you'd rather partially obscure. This ornamental grass stands up to storms and bad weather very well. Even the plumes are difficult for high winds to destroy.

Planting And Care Tips

Hardy pampas grass is easy to care for. Plant it in full sun and water it regularly until it is established. It is adaptable to hard, rocky regions, flood plains and more. In cold northern climates the leaves die back and regrow in the spring.

Dead leaves may be left to fill in the plant with new growth on top, or it can be removed. Watch for sharp edges to the leaves. Plant hardy pampas grass in an area where it can spread. It is deer resistant.

Grass Information

  • Scientific Name: Erianthus ravennae

  • Best Soil: Prefers well-drained or sandy soils but will grow in dry or moist soils as well

  • Light Needs: Full sun

  • Growth Rate: Moderate

  • Foliage Color: Green

  • Flower Color: White

  • Bloom Time: August through September

  • Mature Size: 9 to 15 feet tall and 6 to 8 feet wide

  • Watering: A moderate watering schedule will get this plant established, when it is fairly drought tolerant

  • Hardiness Zone: 6 - 9

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