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Green Tower Boxwood

Green Tower boxwood is native to the Mediterranean. It was a popular choice to plant in classic Roman gardens and is still very popular in the region today. This plant is often used for tall thin topiaries just as it was centuries ago.

This plant works well anywhere you need a vertical specimen in a tight space.

The lustrous evergreen leaves give a medium to fine texture to your garden and it contrasts nicely with larger foliage plants. The dense foliage looks solid even when young. Green Tower boxwood makes an excellent hedge plant as well.

Landscape Ideas

For a beautiful tall boxwood hedge, plant Green Tower boxwood closely together. It will require little maintenance and create a dense barrier. The narrowness of the plant makes it perfect for side yards or other spaces where room is at a premium. Single specimens look very nice flanking both sides of an entryway.

It tolerates shearing very well, but is also beautiful and thin when left to itself. This plant makes a wonderful background plant or foundation plant.

Plant it with clematis, hydrangea, magnolia or wisteria for classic beauty.

French lavender also makes a nice underplanting near the boxwood. Another way to utilize this beautiful shrub is to put it into a container. It provides garden interest and vertical lines year round. It thrives for many years.

Boxwood Care

Follow a regular watering schedule after planting to help grow an extensive, healthy root system. An all purpose fertilizer will boost the plant in early spring.

Plant in rich, well-drained soil for the best results. It tolerates full sun or partial shade well.

If you wish to shear your boxwood, late winter is the best time. This boxwood is cold hardy and requires very little maintenance. Some people find their skin gets irritated by handling the plant. This may be an allergic reaction.

This plant is deer resistant if you have them visiting your garden. Some people plant them in the corners of vegetable gardens to deter the deer.

Boxwood Shrub Information

  • Scientific Name: Buxus sempervirens 'Monrue'

  • Best Soil: Well-drained soils, prefers lime

  • Light: Full to partial sun

  • Growth Rate: Moderate

  • Foilage: Dark green

  • Fall Color: Dark green

  • Bloom: Tiny fragrant creamy yellow flowers in spring, barely noticeable visually

  • Mature Size and Shape: Grows in an erect columnar shape up to 9 feet tall, 1 to 2 feet wide

  • Hardiness Zone: 5 - 9

  • Plant Spacing: Plant 18 inches apart for a thick hedge

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