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Green Mountain Boxwood

Green Mountain boxwood is a vigorously growing evergreen with a dense, upright growth. The tiny leaves are bright green all year round, creating interest in the garden no matter the season. Hybridized from hardy Korean boxwoods, this cultivar is a popular one.

If left unsheared, the plant will create a natural pyramidal shape. It makes an excellent hedge plant. If left alone, it will grow at a moderate rate to the height of about 5 feet tall, and can spread to 3 feet wide. This shrub works well in the garden or as a specimen plant in a large pot.

Landscaping Ideas

Green Mountain boxwood creates year round interest in the garden. It looks especially nice in a Mediterranean or Zen garden design due to its formal shape. This boxwood is an excellent choice for hedges, as it can be pruned into a variety of forms. It is wonderful in a knot garden or as a backdrop to a perennial garden.

A pair of these Green Mountain boxwoods in pots looks great flanking a large entrance. It is also nice in a mass planting. It really sets off companion plants like Roses, Anemone or Echinacea. Rosemary and graceful bee balm look wonderful with boxwood, especially when it is done in a formal herb garden.

Care of the Green Mountain Buxus Boxwood

This boxwood needs regular watering, especially in hot weather. It will do well in either full sun or partial shade. It is moderate growing, so you can get away with pruning it annually in the summer. The growth habit is erect, so it looks nice in pots. Pots will require more frequent watering, however.

An all purpose fertilizer in early spring will serve it well. You may need to treat it with an anti-desiccant spray in the winter to keep it nice if it is in an unprotected area.

This plant can be infested with powdery mildew, root rot, canker and leaf spot. Insect pests to watch for include scale, caterpillars, psyllids, leaf miners and mites. Treat accordingly.

Boxwood Information

  • Scientific Name: Buxus x 'Green Mountain'

  • Best Soil: Sandy or Clay Loam is best, but the plant is adaptable to most soils

  • Light: Part Shade to Full Sun

  • Growth Rate: Moderate

  • Foilage: Bright Green

  • Fall Color: Bright Green

  • Bloom: Tiny yellow flowers in spring, rather inconspicuous

  • Mature Size and Shape: Up to 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide; upright erect growth habit

  • Hardiness Zone: 4 - 9

  • Plant Spacing: 2 feet apart for hedges

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