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Golden Carousel Barberry

Golden Barberry Information and Ideas for Landscaping

Golden Carousel barberry is a hybrid made from both Korean and Japanese barberry species. It is a dense growing, compact shrub that really lights up the garden. The leaves are an illuminating golden yellow.

Small yellow flowers make a brief appearance in the spring on this deciduous shrub. Bright red berries appear in the fall to accompany the foliage colors of gold, red and orange.

The plant has an upright growth habit that will make a great vertical accent in the garden.

Landscape Ideas

This barberry shrub makes a wonderful specimen plant in the garden. With its petite golden oval shaped leaves, this shrub makes a great contrast when planted with redleaf barberry or plants with larger foliage like lilac. The fine texture of this barberry makes it stand out in group plantings.

Besides making a bold statement during the growing season, in the autumn you are rewarded with a show of color ranging from gold to red. Bright red berries accent the shrub in the fall and many remain on the plant well into winter.

The shape of the branches in the winter is not remarkable. Golden Carousel barberry can be used to make a stunning hedge. It also looks nice with conifers or juniper shrubs.

Barberry Bush Care

The Golden Carousel barberry can be pruned at your convenience anytime during the year. It does feature thorns, so be sure to wear appropriate protection.

Mature plants usually only need a light trim to keep them in line with the rest of the landscaping. New spring growth is easy to cut. Major pruning is seldom needed. After planting, water regularly for good growth.

Fertilize with an all purpose fertilizer in the early spring before new growth begins.

If you have deer visit your garden, barberry is a good choice to plant. Deer do not care much for this shrub and will tend to leave it alone. Plant in full sun for the best golden color.

It can also tolerate partial shade, but the foliage may not be quite so bright.

Barberry Information

  • Scientific Name: Berberis 'Bailsel'

  • Best Soil: Adapts well to most soils, do not plant in wet, marshy areas

  • Light: Full sun or partial shade

  • Growth Rate: Moderate

  • Foilage: Golden Yellow

  • Fall Color: Orange, gold, red

  • Bloom: Tiny yellow flower clusters in spring; red berries in the fall

  • Mature Size and Shape: 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide; upright growth

  • Hardiness Zone: 4a

  • Plant Spacing: 2 feet apart if you are planting a hedge

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