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Gold Coast Juniper

Gold Coast Juniper is a bright evergreen shrub that will make a splash anywhere. The lacy foliage is a bright yellow green. It creates a wonderful contrast with darker green plants.

In winter, the color intensifies, providing visual interest when other plants are dormant. This mounding plant grows to a height of 3 feet and spreads out about 4 feet. The tiny blue-green cones that form may attract birds or wildlife. This sunny plant will brighten your garden with ease. It looks good all year long.

Using the Gold Coast In Your Landscape

Gold Coast Juniper is a spectacular addition to the garden. Use it as a low hedge or a barrier along a path. It looks wonderful grouped with other contrasting evergreens. It excels as a specimen or accent shrub. You can even make it into a topiary. It makes a splendid addition to a mixed border.

It can be used as a groundcover on a slope, in a rock garden or as a foundation planting. It looks lovely as a mass planting. This plant works well in a xeriscape or eco-friendly garden. It offers year round interest due to its bright foliage and spreading shape.

For a nice contrast, plant it with Isanti Red-Osier dogwood, blue juniper or witch hazel. This plant is often used in commercial landscaping for its easy maintenance and sunny appearance.

Planting and Care Tips

Gold Coast Juniper should be planted in full sun. It will thrive in soils ranging from sand to clay as long as they don't stay continually wet. Once established, this plant is drought tolerant.

It handles deer, rabbits, pollution, heat and humidity, wind, sloped ground and coastal weather well. Pruning is not necessary unless you want to make it into a topiary.

Mulch around the plants for the best results. You can use bark or small stones. This shrub is perfect for someone who wants a showy plant with low maintenance.

Gold Coast Juniper has no serious problems with insects or disease. They may fall prey to needle blight and root rot. Pests to watch for are aphids, scale and webworms.

Juniper Information

  • Scientific Name: Juniperus x pfitzeriana 'Aurea Improved'

  • Best Soil: Adaptable to most types

  • Light: Full sun

  • Growth Rate: Moderate

  • Foliage: Evergreen; yellow and green

  • Mature Size and Shape: Grows to 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide in a spreading mound

  • Pruning: Only to remove dead branches

  • Watering: Drought tolerant once established

  • Hardiness Zone: 3 - 9

  • Spacing: Plant 3 to 4 feet apart in mass plantings

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