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Camp Chef Gas Patio Fire Pit

The Camp Chef gas patio fire pit will add a distinctive charm to your patio. The bowl is made of beautiful copper and it sits in a black iron ring. The bottom of the bowl is fairly close to the ground, so make sure you place it on concrete or other fire proof surface.

gas fire pit

All you need to do is hook it up to a source of propane and you're ready to go. Small canisters will last several hours when the pit is set on high. The fire pit can also be connected to larger barbecue canisters or even to large tanks that have been installed at your home.

Here are some features that really make this fire pit unique:

  • It is easily portable, as it is only 11 inches tall
  • The fire pit comes with a 60,000 BTU gas ring, lava rock and a cover
  • It is easy to take along to any location

The lava rock that comes with the gas patio fire pit looks great against the copper bowl. You don't need to worry about flying embers or crackling wood with one of these. There is no chopping of wood or the messiness wood often creates. A single propane tank will provide hours of enjoyment.

You can use this fire pit to toast marshmallows, roast hot dogs, make popcorn, make s'mores and lots of other fun outdoor activities. The flames are just as pretty to watch late at night when you appreciate the extra warmth.

Some of the main features that you may appreciate about this beautiful copper fire pit are:

  • It easily connects to any propane tank
  • It will provide a fun place for the family to gather
  • In only 15 minutes, it is up to maximum heat
  • Reasonable price compared to other gas patio fire pits

You can even take this copper fire pit when you go tailgating. It makes a great fire for making simple foods. The copper really makes it look elegant, no matter where you set it up. It becomes a magnet for everyone in the area, so be prepared to be entertaining a lot.

It is really nice if you have a large propane tank set up at home, because you can run a line from the big canister to the fire pit. This lets you enjoy the fire anytime you want without worrying about running out of fuel. The line can be run so it isn't noticeable through your landscaping. You do want to make sure you have a solid surface beneath the fire pit. Concrete or other fire proof material is best to keep everyone safe.

Many of these gas patio fire pits run into the thousands of dollars, so the low price is a great deal; this is definitely not a case of you get what you pay for. The value is definitely here. One good benefit with this fire pit is that propane powered pits are often permitted where wood fires are not. This little fire pit can let you have the campsite of your dreams without the hassle you get over wood fires.

It is still a good idea to check the regulations first and ask if you are not certain that the fire pit would be allowed when you are camping anywhere . Another benefit is that gas fire pits can often be used on patios with overhead coverings, unlike wood burning fire pits. You get many more locations where it is permissible to enjoy your own fire.

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