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Choosing a Garden Arbor Plan

What Garden Arbor Plan or Design is best for you?

A Garden Arbor is one of the most versatile and easy garden structures to add to your backyard landscape. But with so many choices of styles, finishes and materials it can be hard on deciding on a garden arbor plan for your backyard.

Before choosing a plan or buying an arbor. You first need to decide on

  • What are you wanting the Arbor to accomplish in your backyard?
  • What style fits your backyard theme?
  • What kind of materials do you want the arbor to be made of?

Garden Arbor Uses

hertirage garden arbor

Entry Arbor

Many arbors are used for a entry to a outdoor room, a transition from one area to another or if you have a large yard with lots of trees and paths this would make a great entrance to it.

Pictured to the left is a Heritage cedar arbor icon This arbor is sold as a kit, ready for you to construct.

Here is a paper plan for a Garden Arbor and Gate . The finished overall dimensions are 51" deep, 71" wide and 93-1/4" high.

garden arbor plan with swing

Destination Point Arbor

By adding a swing or a bench to the arbor you could make it an inviting destination at the end of a pathway.

The Garden Swing Arbor pictured to left comes as a plan.

garden arbor plan

Focal Point Arbor

Using a arbor as a focal point gives you endless possibilities. Not only from the style and material you have chosen, but also by the placement within your landscape.

Click here to download this arbor plan.

Arbor Styles

It's best to look at as many garden arbor plans as you can to get a feel for the style you might like. There are 2 basic styles to choose from.

Formal Arbor

The majority of arbors fall into this class. The structure tends to be a orderly with a permanent look. Many arbors in this class are painted white, to help down play such a formal look and still have a nice structure is to paint or stain the arbor a darker color.

Informal Arbors

These arbors are the most versatile because you are not limited in the selection of materials, colors or styles.

What Arbor Material is Best for your Backyard?

Just as important as the style of your arbor is also the material you use for the arbor. The material you use can change your arbor style. Such as taking a formal design and building it with natural wood.


Many garden arbor plans use wood. Because it is readily available and easy to work with, requiring basic tools and skills. Wood can be painted or stained if you don't like the weathered look.

Here are a few wood arbor plans.

Plans for a Rose Garden Arbor

A Arbor Plan with Seating


Metal arbors will last the longest in the landscape if properly painted to reduce rust. They could also be the most costly, usually requiring someone to design and build it for you.

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