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Flower Bed Fence

Fence Ideas for your Flower Bed

There are a lot of reasons to install a flower bed fence. Some use it as a purely decorative item… it delineates the flower bed from the lawn. Others use taller fences to help support tall plants so they don't fall over, or to keep pets, children and wildlife out of the flowers.

Whatever your reasoning for wanting to put in a fence, you're sure to find one on the market to fit your needs.

Decorative Fence

Decorative flower bed fences come in many materials, from woven wire to cast iron or copper to wood, plastic or PVC. They are usually small… between 12 to 18 inches high when installed.

They are easily put in by any do-it-yourselfer. All you need to do with most of them is push the stakes on the bottom into the ground to anchor them. These decorative fences can be found online or at your local garden center.

You'll find these flower bed fences in a variety of styles. Some look like small picket fences, others resemble Victorian wrought iron work. Choose one that suits the style of your yard. Some people also mount these smaller decorative fences on top of brickwork for a more formal look.

The most common flower bed fences you will see will be small picket fences, painted white; wooden "pipes" of varying heights that are strung together; plastic molded fencing made to look like Victorian wrought iron with points and woven wire, usually white, black or green.

These are typical of what you will find in your local garden center. For higher quality and more designs, you are better off doing your shopping online.

Other people choose to make their own flower bed fences with landscaping timbers, driftwood or other materials. Some even line their beds with large river stones or bamboo. Another unusual flower bed fence is woven twigs, usually willow or bamboo. Use your imagination… you are limited only by yourself and your budget.

Practical Fences

Woven galvanized flower bed fences can also be found in taller sizes. Not only do they look attractive, allowing the flowers to show clearly through the wire, they can prevent damage to your flower beds. Taller plants can use the fence as a support so they don't flop over onto the lawn. Having this extra support can make the difference between a lovely garden and one that looks like a hurricane went through it.

Taller flower bed fences can also protect your garden from your pets and other critters that may run through your yard. Having that barrier will keep the cat from slipping in and digging up the bed to use it as a litter box, and keep the dog from chasing balls through the flower bed, trampling everything in his path.

These taller garden fences can also protect your flowers from small children who are running around the yard without a care about where your prize begonias live. Conversely, the fence can also protect the child from thorny rose bushes. Many of these taller flower bed fences are also climb proof.

Another taller flower bed fence can be made of upright woven willow or bamboo twigs. These work well behind the garden, to provide a neutral backdrop for your flowers.

Online garden centers often have sections of this type of fence available in rolls. The twigs will age to a brown and will eventually need to be replaced if you notice the twigs deteriorating after a few years.

As you can see, there are several choices when you are considering installing flower bed fences. Shop around and pick what you think is best. Take into consideration the cost, the durability, and the look you are going for. Measure your space carefully so you order enough length to go around your beds.

When it arrives, follow any directions that came with it to install it properly. Make sure each length is installed so it is even with the rest of the fence. Before you know it, your flower beds will be contained and beautiful.

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