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Dwarf Petite Plum Butterfly Bush

The dwarf Petite Plum butterfly bush is a woody deciduous shrub with beautiful fragrant clusters of reddish-purple flowers. They are a favorite of butterflies.

They also attract hummingbirds and sometimes other small birds that will feast on any insects that may be attracted to the shrub. They make beautiful accents in your landscape or can be planted into a border.

The foliage is smaller than on Buddleia davidii types. It grows up to 5 feet wide and tall. Native to China, the relatives to this cultivar grow in thickets along river banks. They were taken to France, where they remained isolated until they were shared with the rest of the world.

Landscape Ideas

The dwarf Petite Plum butterfly bush is a great addition to a cottage or eco-friendly garden. They look nice along a fence line and pair up nicely against lattice or picket fences.

They attract butterflies and hummingbirds with their fragrant, showy blossoms. If you want a wildlife garden, definitely plan on planting one of these bushes.

They are set off well in plantings of golden yellow flowers like Black Eyed Susan and Coreopsis. They also look nice with lavenderÂ… choose a dark colored variety for the best effect.

Butterfly Bush Care and Planting Tips

Plant your dwarf Petite Plum butterfly bush in full to partial sun and water regularly to establish a good root system. It is a fast growing plant with arching branches that needs little maintenance.

A single feeding of general purpose fertilizer in early spring is usually sufficient.

Prune old branches back in late winter or fall after flowering has ended.

To keep your dwarf Petite Plum blooming as long as possible, deadhead spent flower panicles as needed. This plant is drought and deer tolerant.

This shrub is easy to grow. It tolerates urban pollution and is generally free of pests. It occasionally has an infestation of spider mites when it gets stressed by drought.

Volunteer seedlings may become a problem in some areas, and the new sprouts can end up killing the original plant in extreme situations. Volunteer seedlings may not resemble the parent plant at all.

Dwarf Butterfly Bush Information

  • Scientific Name: Buddleia davidii nanhoensis 'Monum'

  • Best Soil: Adapts to many soil types, but prefers well-drained loam

  • Light: Full to partial sun

  • Growth Rate: Fast

  • Foilage: Green

  • Bloom: Tiny purple blossoms on a long flower spike from midsummer through fall

  • Mature Size and Shape: Compact growth up to 5 feet tall and wide in an arching form

  • Hardiness Zone: 5 to 9

  • Plant Spacing:Plant 6 to 9 foot

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