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Design a Flower Bed

Tips To Design A Flower Bed

Many flower beds fail to live up to their potential because of design mistakes made when they are planted. If you take some extra time and thought into designing your flower beds you will enjoy them much more.

One of the most common mistakes is not making your bed big enough. If at all possible make the bed at least 4 to 6 foot wide. In some cases this just will not be possible, if so slender flowers in the back of the bed with some low growing flowers in the front.

All Season Blooming

Plan your bed so that you have flowers in bloom all through the growing season. Planting spring bulbs is a great way to get your bed started all the winter.

Spring Bulbs: Begonia, Caladium, Calla Lily, Canna , Crocosmia , Dahlia , Elephant Ear and Gladiolus Bulbs

Flowers for the Summer: Amaranthus, Asters, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Cockscomb Freesia, Ginger, Gladiolus, Heather, Hydrangea, Iris, Lisianthus

Fall Blooming Flowers: Achillea, Aconitum, Boltonia, Chrysanthemum, Coreopsis, Geranium

Focal Point

Flower beds need a focal point whether that be a statue, bench, arbor, bird bath, a plant, group of plants or anything unique that draws attention to the eye. Often the best place for your focal point will be in the center of the bed.

Don't Over Plant

Know what the mature size of your flower or plant will be and plant accordingly. When first planting a new flower bed it may look skimpy, due to the plants not being mature. This is especially true with perennial's.

A simple soulution to this is just add in some annuals in the bare spaces until your plants mature.

To bring out the color and texture of certain plants it is best to plant these plants in groupings. Grouping can be anywhere from 5 plants or more.

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