Container Gardening With Roses

Tips For Growing Roses in Containers

Most people might think that in order to really grow roses they need a yard in which to grow them, but this is just not the case. When you are container gardening with roses you just need to be sure that they have the right kind of container, some good soil and a good fertilizer. After that it becomes simple watering and keeping an eye out for pests and diseases.

Choose the Right Rose Container

The right container is the most important aspect of container gardening with roses. You want to make sure that the container is big enough that the roots have room to take hold and to grow and you want to make sure that the drainage is good.

Plastic containers work best (choose lighter colors because darker plastic gets hot much more quickly than light plastic) in places that are subject to cold conditions as clay can actually crack in freezing temperatures. In hotter areas, clay works well because it provides cooler growing conditions.

Best Soil For Roses

The best soil for container gardening with roses is actually a mixture of Potting Soil , garden compost and either Mushroom Compost or cow manure. When you combine these in equal parts, you create a growing environment rich in the nutrients and minerals that the roses need to truly flourish.

Only fill the container about two thirds of the way with soil mix—and make sure that before you put this mixture into the container that the bottom inch or so has been lined with gravel or rocks (this keeps the soil from getting too compressed and helps with drainage). The rose gets placed on top of this mound and then put enough of the soil mixture into the pot to be even with the bud union.

Fertilizing and Watering Your Container Roses

When you water your container roses make sure that the soil gets saturated well because the soil in containers dries out far more quickly than ground soil. You will want to water your roses often, especially during dry and hot weather. Check for dryness often.

Another way to check and see if your rose needs to be watered is to check the soil. If, about an inch into the soil, the soil is dry, you need to water.

The only real fertilizer you need is a small sprinkle of Epsom Salts at the base of the plant in the springtime. The Epsom salt will give the rose enough magnesium to ensure its foliage is healthy. If you need to kick start their growth, you can also put a little bit of fish emulsion feed into the soil in the springtime.

Rose Pest and Disease

Make sure to check for aphids, thirps and mites. Caterpillars also love roses and some beetles will attack the blooms. A simple spray of Neem Oil mixture on a regular basis should keep them under control.

As for disease, the biggest worries are black spot, rust and mildew. The best way to prevent these diseases is to water regularly and to water the soil, not the plant itself. If you see any leaves showing signs of disease, remove them from the plant (or ground) immediately.

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