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Blue Weeping Juniper

Blue Weeping Juniper is a focal point wherever you plant it. Its tall, graceful branches weep beautifully draped in silver blue foliage. The fine texture contrasts nicely with more traditional plants.

It has a moderate rate of growth as it stretches to 20 feet in height and up to 10 feet in width. It is also known as the Rocky Mountain Juniper.

Blue Weeping Landscaping Ideas

Blue Weeping Juniper is perfect for a romantic garden. Place it along a foundation between windows or as a background accent if you don't have a place where it can be a focal point. It serves best where it can take center stage.

It can also work as a screen for utility poles or unappealing views. Works equally well in a cottage garden or a dry Southwestern garden.

Plant it with Rose of Sharon or lilacs to show off its fine texture and color. Be sure wherever you plant it that there is plenty of room for it to grow naturally.

They grow well in dry areas as well as humid areas as long as drainage is good. They also hold up well in cold winters and are perfect to add winter interest to your landscape. They attract wildlife to the garden.

Planting and Care

Blue Weeping Juniper is adaptable to most soils unless they are wet. They are perfect for dry hot areas and are drought tolerant once established.

Be sure to provide enough water the first year after planting to grow a good root system.

This juniper is susceptible to cankers and Phomopsis tip blight as well as other diseases. It may be rather short lived compared to other trees, but while it is living it is a wonderful sight.

Plant in a spot that enjoys full sun for the best results.

Compost in early spring before new growth begins. Do not use chemical fertilizers since they are overwhelming for junipers, providing an overload of nutrients.

It is better to water deeply at infrequent intervals than to water frequently and not provide enough. Blue Weeping Juniper is easy to grow in most regions and requires little if any maintenance. This plant is resistant to deer and coastal winds.


  • Scientific Name: Juniperus scopulorum 'Tolleson's Blue Weeping'

  • Best Soil: Widely adaptable

  • Light Needs: Full sun

  • Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate

  • Foliage: Evergreen; Silver blue

  • Mature Size and Shape: Grows to 20 feet tall and ten feet wide in an arching, weeping form

  • Pruning: Only as needed

  • Watering: Semi-arid to moist; drought tolerant

  • Hardiness Zone: 3 - 9

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