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Abelia Shrubs

The abelia shrub family has around 30 different species of both semi-evergreen and deciduous plants. These abelia plants will provide your landscape with brilliant color, starting around the first of June and continuing through the fall. The peak bloom time will be in June and July.

Fall colors will depend on where you live, in warmer climates your they will form deep maroon or purplish leaf color, while in the colder climates this plant becomes a semi-evergreen and will lose more of it's foliage.

Most species of the abelia shrub have slightly arching branches with a dense bushy growth and small leaves that are glossy.

Most of these shrubs will rarely grow over 6 foot. The large varieties, makes it easy to choose a shrub for any location. They make perfect hedges, borders, container plants and mass plantings depending on which species you choose. The abelia blossoms will attract hummingbirds

To get the best growth and maximum bloom, make sure to plant the abelia in full sun to part shade. If you plant it in to much shade the foliage density will decrease. It thrives in a moist acidic soil and once it is established this shrub is fairly drought tolerant. Protect it from the cold winds in the winter.

You can prune this shrub in the spring, it is best to do selective pruning instead of shearing the whole shrub. They are known to be disease and pest free.

Varieties Of Abelia Shrubs

Chinensis, or Chinese abelia plant, grows 6 to 8 feet tall with branches sticking out in all directions. Each branch is covered with green leaves with a maroon tinge and...

Edward Goucher
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Grandiflora is a deciduous shrub. It is semi-evergreen in most regions. Its tall arching branches are densely packed. The fast growth rate of this shrub makes it a great...

Mosanensis is also known as Bridal Bouquet or Fragrant Abelia. This plant has an intoxicating fragrance that will rival any lilac. The dark green leaves are the perfect backdrop to...

Kaleidoscope is a colorful shrub that will brighten any corner of your garden. The bright leaves would make an...

Rose Creek
Rose Creek is a small shrub with lustrous dark green leaves and fragrant white flowers. At each flower base...

Mardi Gras
The dramatic coloring of the Mardi Gras will make your garden sing. The leaves are green and white with a blush of soft...

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