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Backyard Water Fountain

A backyard water fountain is a great addition to any backyard landscape. Water fountains for the backyard create a sense of cooling, lets you connect with nature and the soothing sound of the water is very relaxing.

There are many different styles to choose from when considering outdoor garden water fountains. Some careful thought and a little planning will help you make the right decision.

Free Standing Water Fountain

The most popular of water fountains is the free standing fountain. It is relative easy to install (usually in an afternoon) and can be done on a small budget.

These fountains will range from a small tabletop to the mid size, such as a whiskey barrel cut in half. Large outdoor water fountains make a great focal point for your backyard.

Outdoor Wall Fountains

The wall mount water fountain comes in different styles, it has a separate basin to catch and pump back the water. These can be very good looking if you have the right landscaping theme and area to place it.

Water Fountains are Low Maintenance

Usually the free standing water fountain has less maintenance than any other water feature. They are self-contained with built in filters and with routine cleaning of the filter, your water fountain will stay in great shape. Extra care is needed in the colder climates as far as winterizing.

Do-it-Yourself Fountain

You can make your own free standing backyard water fountain. They can be made out of the old fashion bath tubs, Terra cotta pots and old wooden barrels.

Keep in mind when choosing a fountain source that it should be at least 2 foot wide to avoid splashing out. The smaller the fountain the less sound of water splashing, so if want the fountain to drown out any annoying sounds go with a larger fountain.

Planning your Water Fountain

Most people want to make sure they can see and hear the fountain from a outdoor sitting area and/or a favorite window in the house. Make sure you have a source of electric for the pump and the electrical outlet is grounded.

Try not to locate it in a full sun area, I recommend 4 to 6 hours of Sun at the most to cut down on the algae.

Do a little planning as to where you want the fountain, the size of the overall area and how you are going to incorporate some landscaping or hardscapes with it. This will make it simpler in finding that right backyard water fountain.

Remember water fountains do not have to be fancy and flashy, a simple sealed Terra cotta pot made into a fountain and placed in a sitting area with some ornamental grasses, perennial flowers and a few small boulders around it is very attractive.

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